How The Basement Defender™ W...

The story of how Basement Defender™ smart sump pump system came to life-

Roy Spencer, owner and founder of Perma-Seal Basement Systems had a problem. For over 35 years Roy and his company have helped keep their clients’ basements and crawl spaces dry no matter what the weather. Recognizing that pump equipment failure was easily the most frequent cause of basement flooding, Perma-Seal has used the best pumps, batteries and chargers on the market to help protect their clients’ property.

All that notwithstanding, after a bad rain storm Roy would occasionally get a phone call or letter from a client whose basement was flooded due to equipment failure which caused thousands of dollars of damage and memorable anguish. Sometimes the pump had become unplugged, the discharge line clogged or frozen, a circuit breaker was tripped or an old battery had not been replaced – whatever the reason, the results were always catastrophic to the homeowner and made Roy sick to his stomach.

There had to be a better answer Roy thought, there had to be a way of knowing for certain that your pump equipment was working every day. One night at a social event, Roy mentioned this to a friend who was a retired engineer. “I can do that” his friend said, that is “test your pumps everyday”.

It took nearly four years to develop and rigorously test but in 2017 the Basement DefenderTM was successfully launched in the Chicagoland market. Today over 2,000 homeowners are enjoying the peace of mind that comes with knowing that their pump equipment is protecting their homes and belongings. While Perma-Seal is the exclusive Basement DefenderTM dealer in the Chicagoland area, Roy is making the Basement DefenderTM available throughout North America through other contractors and dealers.

Roy is now making the Basement DefenderTM available to other contractors, and provides training and support so they can provide their customers with the same peace of mind. Details can be found, and orders placed on our online store.

Roy Spencer - President of Basement Defender
Roy is a respected authority in the waterproofing industry, with over 40 years of experience under his belt. His company, Perma-Seal, has earned a reputation as Chicagoland’s premier waterproofing contractor, thanks to Roy’s unwavering commitment to quality, integrity, and customer satisfaction. His latest innovation, the Basement DefenderTM, is a testament to his dedication to providing homeowners with the best possible protection against basement flooding, representing a major leap forward in the industry’s efforts to prevent water damage and save homeowners from costly repairs.