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Defender Removed Tremendous Amount Of Water

To Whom It May Concern:

Just to let you know that my Defender kept up the tremendous amount of water that was filling up my pit.

The water filled the pit so fast the Defender was working like every ten seconds. If it weren’t for the Defender, I would have had an awful mess.

PLEASE keep everyone’s Defender working.

Mark L.
Bolingbrook, IL
November 18, 2022

Heavy Rain

Last weekend, we had 3 ½ inches of rain within 24 hours. The sump pump ran continuously for many hours before catching up and even then it cycled for days every couple of minutes. Our sump pump is never idle even during very dry weather. Anyway, during heavy rain and continuous pump running, Basement Defender performed as pretty much as expected even though it was very scary. We got the expected alerts with onsite red lights and audible alerts, plus online texts. 

The backup pump even engaged when the main pump couldn’t keep up. The system reset successfully when things settled down. I didn’t think the reset would be automatic so I was glad to see that. The communication light was very active going on and off, during most of the action described.

Jim M.
Willowbrook, IL
September 4, 2020

Water Flooding Alert From Basement Defender

I avoided a costly remediation situation because I received a high humidity alert from my Basement Defender.

I found water was flooding in from the basement door, which caused the humidity to rise.

John B.
Schiller Park, IL
June 27, 2020

Pump Malfunctioning

I got an excessive run time alert that my low primary was running for over 3 minutes. it turned out the float on her 137 pump was malfunctioning. The pump needed to be replaced after only 1 month.

Linda C.
Munster, IN
June 22, 2020

Alert On Sump Pump Running Constantly

I received an alert that my pump was running constantly. Upon review it was discovered that sump pump discharge line was clogged. Basement Defender technician was able to clean it out and saved me from damages.

Clint N
St. Charles, IL
June 3, 2020

Flawless Work Of Basement Defender

My BDs worked continuously and flawlessly last week when we needed them most. I am sure you guys are busy.

Carl Jacobson
Joliet, IL
May 22, 2020

Backup Battery Alert

A backup battery alert was received from Basement Defender. I was able to replace the battery before the thunderstorms knocked out the power and left me susceptible to flooding.

Betsy M.
Glen Ellyn, IL
May 15, 2020

Sump Pump Monitor

Having gone through the trauma of a flooded basement, rainy forecasts used to give me anxiety. Basement Defender has changed my life! The peace of mind knowing my pumps are properly functioning and ready to spring into action when needed is priceless.

Karen F
Wheaton, IL
March 17, 2020

Piece Of Mind Given By Basement Defender

Thank you for going the extra mile for us. I really appreciate your help and the Basement Defender gives me a little peace of mind when I go away on business.

Gary K.
Glen Ellyn, IL
March 9, 2020

Basement Defender

As a frequent traveler, Basement Defender gives me peace of mind to know things are a-okay in my basement when I’m away from home. From anywhere in the world, I can check on the temperature and humidity level in my basement by simply opening up the Basement Defender app.

Tom M
Hinsdale, IL
February 3, 2020

Basement Defender Installed

I have had my Basement Defender system installed since August 2019. We are very happy with the system. I noticed that my primary pump has over 170 hours of pump time. With upcoming spring & summer rains ahead I thought it might be prudent for a thorough system checkup as well as

Jeff S.
Naperville, IL
September 30, 2019