Really, Really Smart Sump Pump...

Do you believe in destiny?

Do you believe in testing your sump pump every day?

This is my story, how I ended up here typing my truth, my love of dogs, and how to test your sump pump every day via dog or WiFi!

20+ years ago we bought a house on the bottom of a hill. When we looked at the house the realtor showed us how to check the sump pump. He grabbed the discharge tube and shook it; the pump kicked in and ran. We were afraid of basement flooding, again, we lived at the lowest spot of the houses around us at the bottom of a big hill.

After we moved in I would check the sump pump by shaking the discharge tube.

This went on for ten years, then we got a dog, not any dog, but a Basenji (African Barkless Dog). This dog was really smart, he would perform 3 stage tricks to get what he wanted. He would follow me and watch shake that discharge tube. Soon he started doing it. His reward for him was watching the water go down. After awhile anytime anyone opened the basement door he would race down the steps to get there first so he could shake the sump pump tube.

We thought it was really funny so I video taped it (ten years ago) and posted it on YouTube

Fast forward 10 years (dog passed shortly after the video to cancer) and three basenjis later, I went on a Job interview for a product management job for a Sump Pump controller company called Basement DefenderTM, LLC. At my interview Roy Spencer the inventor of the Basement DefenderTM and owner of Perma-Seal Basement Systems asked me how do I test my sump pump everyday? I said my dog does it for me! He laughed and gave me this funny look! I got the job and am now managing a company that manufactures a Smart Device that tests your sump pumps every day, doing it electronically, not by shaking the tube.

Irony or fate?

Since truth is stranger than fiction, I had to make a video about it and create a character- The Sump Pump Doggy was born. I still miss that dog.
Roy Spencer - President of Basement Defender
Roy is a respected authority in the waterproofing industry, with over 40 years of experience under his belt. His company, Perma-Seal, has earned a reputation as Chicagoland’s premier waterproofing contractor, thanks to Roy’s unwavering commitment to quality, integrity, and customer satisfaction. His latest innovation, the Basement DefenderTM, is a testament to his dedication to providing homeowners with the best possible protection against basement flooding, representing a major leap forward in the industry’s efforts to prevent water damage and save homeowners from costly repairs.