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Connect to Wi-Fi

How-To Pair Your Basement DefenderTM to WiFi Network

In the event a homeowner decides to change internet service providers or change the WiFi network password, the Basement Defender needs to be updated with the new information.

Here is a step-by-step guide to pair to WiFi and keep Basement Defender online!

Important! The Basement DefenderTM unit can only be connected to a 2.4 GHz WiFi connection. 5GHz will not connect. 

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Video Instructions

1. Download The Basement DefenderTM App

Download the Basement DefenderTM App on your Smartphone Device. (Google Play Store for Android Devices, App Store for Apple Devices)
Connect To Wi-Fi

2. Enter Setup Mode

Click “Device Setup” on the bottom of the screen.
Basement defender login portal

3. Enter Device Information

Enter the Serial Number, MAC address, and Email.



4. Enter Your Contact Information 

Enter your first and last name, then click next. If successful, you will see a screen that says you successfully registered your account.

5. Activate Your Account and Trail Offer

An account activation email will be sent to your email to activate your free 12 month trial plan.

6. Pair the Device to Wifi

To manually pair The Wifi click next. The device Will automatically go into pairing mode with the ring flashing blue. If this does not happen press the “pair” button for 3 seconds or 1 beep.
Once you have confirmed the device is in pairing mode click the next button at the bottom of the screen.
Successful registration screenshot

7. Select Your WiFi Connection

Choose your wifi network from the dropdown (Important! the connection must be made over a 2.4 GHz WiFi connection). Type your network password into the password field (remember this is case-sensitive). Click Next.
Wifi pairing screenshot of Basement Defender

8. You’re Connected

If all information is correct, your app will show that the connection was successful.

9. Hold Down “TEST” Button to Verify Proper Installation

Once the Lights on the Face of the Basement DefenderTM Remain Solid, Hold Down the “TEST” Button Until it Beeps. Wait 5 Minutes for the Test to Complete.

If All the Lights are Solid Green, You are Good to Go!

Reconnecting Basement Defender™ to your home network

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