I Only Have 5G: How Do I Split My Network?

Setting 2.4Ghz WiFi Band

We hear this from time to time. Customers upgrade their service or get a new 5G router and the 2.4GHz has never been enabled or set on its own network. Almost all 5G routers have 2.4GHz available because 2.4GHz is used for most household non streaming systems, like thermostats, doorbells etc. The Science Behind Why […]

Iron Ochre Prevention

Iron Ochre Removal Using Jetter Hose

As a homeowner, it’s important to be aware of the potential issues that can arise in your home. One of these issues is iron ochre, a reddish-brown sludge that can build up in your sump pump pit and cause clogs and damage to your property. In this article, I’ll explain what iron ochre is, why […]

Instantly Connect WiFi to the Basement Defender™ with this Step-By-Step Guide

Instantly Connect WiFi to the Basement Defender

If you’re looking for a reliable and easy way to connect your Basement Defender™ sump pump to the Basement Defender™ WiFi network, this guide is the perfect place to start. With the right components and setup, you can easily connect your sump pump to the internet and monitor the performance of your system remotely. The […]

How to Replace a Sump Pump: Part 1 – Check Valves

How to Replace a Sump Pump Step 1: Check Valves

What you need to know about Check Valves and sump pumps. Check valves are one directional flaps that keep water from flowing back into your sump pit. The Basement DefenderTM battery back up pump comes with a check valve already installed in the assembly. The Basement DefenderTM backup system requires a check valve, included in […]

Testing WiFi strength

Testing your WiFi strength doesn’t have to be hard! In fact, there are many free options for testing your WiFi strength on any of your devices. We recommend testing the strength of your WiFi in different areas of your home, as the signal can fluctuate from room to room. It’s important to know what kind […]

Wi-Fi Extender Instructions

To get the full use of your new Wi-Fi extender, our units require your new Wi-Fi extender to be configured in a certain way. Please read these instructions before installing the extender. As they are supplemental, you should still primarily follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer. Placement Closer is not always better when it […]

What is Wireless Interference and How to Resolve It?

What is Wireless Interference? The Basement Defender™ system communicates wirelessly to deliver push notifications and sump pump testing data. As a precaution, the system will notify you if it detects WiFi interruptions. Most interference is not detrimental to the system’s function and should resolve on its own. Troubleshooting Wireless Interference You may be able to […]

Should I Upgrade My Router?

Your router authorizes devices to access your internet connection and distributes internet bandwidth to those devices. If you run a connection check for any unit and discover that the Wi-Fi signal strength is strong but the upload speed is low, one solution may be to upgrade your router. You may also find that your phone’s […]